About us


UNDA REX is a brand lead by a team of people living with the sea. As we live by the Adriatic sea which is known for frequent extreme weather conditions during winter months, we have merged our passions – boating and technology – in order to increase safety and reduce health hazards on sea. Harsh marine conditions represent a technical challenge to which it is possible to respond only by merging technical, ergonomics and navigation knowledge. As the weather is susceptible to changes, so we are continuously working on perfecting our products, production processes and sustainability.

Our core business under Majestic Elektronika Inovacije LTD is design and manufacture of robotic solutions for harsh environtments where human health can’t be put at risk. Same principles refer to high speed boating, human health and safety is the greatest concern when sea conditions aren’t ideal. Our experience in robotics is now transformed into our latest product – J180 mitigation seat for professionals and those passionate about sea who don’t want to risk injuries. Extreme mechanical stresses during high speed boating are always a challenge to which we respond using cutting edge technology and best materials available.


“Living with the sea”